Musical Notes for June 28, 2020

By Dr. Steven Seigart
Director of Music/Organist

At the prelude, we’ll have a piano arrangement of the popular 19th-century camp-meeting hymn “O How I Love Jesus.”

For today’s anthem, “Jesus is rock in a weary land,” we’ve pulled one out of the vaults (so to speak) to fit with the words of our guest preacher. Dr. Walton references the spiritual “Plenty Good Room,” whose verses acclaim (in most versions), “I would not be a sinner/I’ll tell you the reason why/I’m afraid the Lord might call my name/And I wouldn’t be ready to die.” These and similar verses were borrowed and appear in various spirituals and gospel choruses, including this arrangement by the late composer and pianist Glenn Burleigh.

For the postlude, we’ll have a very popular setting of Psalm 19 (originally with the Italian psalm-paraphrase sung, but heard most often today without a singer) by Venetian baroque composer who wrote music (especially psalm settings) for both Catholic churches and Synagogues.

Lastly, don’t forget to record a video of you and your family singing along to the “Amen” response at the end of the service! Find out more at


O How I Love Jesus
—Anonymous American Hymn, arr. Craig Curry


Jesus is a rock in a weary land
Spiritual, arr. by Glenn Burleigh (1947–2007)
Sung by the Meeting House Section Leaders
Recorded March 13, 2020
Elise Jenkins, alto solo


Salmo XIX
—Benedetto Marcello (1686–1739)